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emily miller

(Gentle) Change Agent


"The shaman’s powers are symbolized in familiars, deities of his own personal experience, and his authority comes out of a psychological experience, not a social ordination." -Joseph Campbell

Accessible. Gentle. Intuitive.

Emily is a teacher at heart. She does not call herself a healer, though others often do, maybe because she has the intuitive capacity to see within her students, and lead them by the hand to the exact feeling, message, or wisdom that they need to click healing into place. Somatic work for Emily is truly soul work, and her passion shines through in her messages--encouraging others, through any window she can open, to trust that YOU ARE Spirit/God/Light/Universe communicating through physical form.


Emily used to be in love with the DESIGN AND PRECISION of the body. She studied physiology and dissected cadavers along-side premed students in college, became a certified personal trainer, and worked alongside physical therapists to develop rehabilitation routines for hundreds of patients. Her deepest passion became teaching yoga, which she has done for the entirety of her adult life. Yoga served as a way to mesh science with spirit, before her inward journey ever began.

The inward journey changes everything.

Emily excelled as a teacher and trainer--there was no BODY she was not willing to work with. Thousands of bodies had taught her to trust her intuition, guide lovingly, and honor what works. Then, as all of us do at some point in time, Emily dive bombed into an inner pool of catastrophe. Repressed beliefs and fears slammed into her ego, producing the pivotal doorway into the soul that one must take to find deep peace.  Guides were provided, as usually is the case when we find ourselves in this situation, and she began. GOING WITHIN IS HARD. It's exhausting but lightening. AND IT'S NEVER ENDING.  But what surprised her the most was how her body began to move and respond along with the awakenings. None of these physical experiences were ever described in her studies, or among scientific professionals she worked with. She was discovering the physical soul.

It was at this time that Emily started learning about the Chakra System. THIS CHANGED EVERYTHING. Her body, she discovered, was a portal for communication. For deeper healing and processing. She decided to go study with Anodea Judith, who in turn, shaped the bulk of the somatic work that she teaches now. Her love for precision and exercises has been replaced with a reverence for the body wisdom within. Power and strength has been surpassed by subtlety. Emily has now paid witness to countless physical dis-eases that have been healed, not by a thera-band, but by energy shifts and spiritual growth.

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What sets Emily apart as a guide and trusted therapist is her ability to minister through experience. 


She does not have a PhD. She does not have a guru. She does not want to hook you into a string of ongoing sessions. Emily is all about walking the personal pilgrimage to the soul, and she knows that the only way into one's Self, is WITH one's Self. 

If you're experiencing an inner turmoil or physical discomfort, chances are, Emily has personally worked with that soul work as well. It's ALL soul work. However you find her guidance and wisdom, know that it comes from Truth itself, and she's happy to meet you there.


"Just received your blog this morning and you just seem to know where to push my buttons, challenge me and in a lovely way, bring tears to my eyes."

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