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You are a warrior


Within each day you carry your body through the terrain of emotional and environmental variability.

You have journeyed far, accumulating wisdom and wounds.

And right now you have questions, about what path to take, or with whom, or even WHY. You have a feeling, that if you could just sift through the noise, the answer, the reason, your passion would be there.

Your body is the direct route to your heart's needs and intuition.

Some explanation:

The goal of this work is not to remove or “cure” illnesses or injuries. This is not physical therapy. It's movement into the soul, to clarify one's goals, re-balance energy expenditure, answer questions, let go of bound emotions, deepen a spiritual practice, and enjoy one's time on this planet more consistently. It's called “somatic therapy” because we're doing this soul-level work by means of the physical doorway.

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When working with Emily, this therapy is NOT just physical. The shamanic path, which she has taken and now you are taking, is experiential. Gathering insight for healing cannot ALL be learned in a class or program. Emily has tried and tested the physical healing modalities and paired them with spiritual and psychological wisdom to create a highly effective means for transforming one's relationship with themselves, their partnerships, and their environment.

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The chakra system is the thread that holds together everything that we do and discuss. It is the central line of wisdom and energy that is YOU, forming in the womb and creating a belief template from day 1 of your life that you still follow today. When you experience discomfort, pain, dis-satisfaction, it's your soul's feelings mapped into the body via the chakra system. Therefore, we use this same map to STEP, CIRCLE, PRESS, TONE, LEAN, TOUCH, or TREMOR your way toward your highest self's true desires.


When you are in alignment with your Highest Self's TRUE desires, pain and discontent disappear.

Some of the blocks and conditions that have been shifted and re-purposed through this work:

Squelched voice



Relationship difficulties


Pain and mis-alignments of various sorts

Manifesting money, work, relationships



General instability


Low motivation

Feeling “stuck” or out of alignment with self