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What path works for you?

Emily's passion and expertise extend into several branches so you can continue learning and experiencing at a pace that fits your time and needs


group body mapping classes

This deep, yet fun movement inward is offered in a group format where we practice “alone together”. This session is anchored by fantastic music selections, which change every week and naturally invite you into the physical expression of what calls from within. Open to all ability levels, though comfort standing for most of 45 minutes is helpful. Click below to learn more!


Private sessions

Emily offers bio-spiritual mentoring in a personal and highly effective format that includes discussion, simple exercises and homework. If you feel stuck in your journey, or out of sorts with your body, decisions, purpose or relationships, liberation lives here. Hourly and bundle rates available. Click below for more information.


written wisdom

All of the concepts that Emily has learned through her own journey are shared in greater dept through her collection of writings. Much to her surprise, she has hundreds of followers who seem to appreciate her way of sharing the ins and outs of spirituality, the energetic body, love, life, and philosophy. Click below to read these works.

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Body-oriented guided meditations

Launched at the end of 2018, this beautiful collection of seven guided meditations take you out of your head and into your sensing self to bring awareness, calm, focus, and wisdom from within. Each meditation ranges from 5-15 minutes in length, and can be purchased by the track, or by the album. Click below to learn more.


Workshops and retreats

Sometimes you just need to immerse yourself in an environment that is conducive to deeper attention. Setting the time aside for a workshop or retreat give you the space from your every day life to do that. Emily hosts events that are fun, engaging, and life-changing. Click below to find a workshop or retreat near you!


Public speaking and Meeting “juicer”

Public speaking is one of Emily’s fortes, bringing humor and real guiding education to those in attendance. From the extended experience (it would be wise to bring a notebook to take notes) to the short and sweet energy fluffing before and during meeting and conferences! Topics center around how our bodies demonstrate our soul’s desires, and how we can interpret those clues. Fun and interactive, all awareness levels will benefit! Click below to learn more.

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The “I Am 7” Podcast explores the creative and physical journey inward. This project is still in the works, but will uniquely offer interviews with guests who are sure to inspire, along with teachings from Emily’s heart on matters that touch us all. Stay tuned for details!

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"This is exactly what I needed, to really let go."

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